-------------------- MS-DOS v6.22 Help: Device drivers ---------------------


                               Device Drivers
The following installable device drivers are provided with MS-DOS:
<ANSI.SYS>                <HIMEM.SYS>
<DISPLAY.SYS>             <POWER.EXE>
<DRIVER.SYS>              <RAMDRIVE.SYS>
<EGA.SYS>                 <SMARTDRV.EXE>

The files COUNTRY.SYS and KEYBOARD.SYS are not device drivers. They are data
files for the COUNTRY and KEYB commands, respectively. Do not try to load
either of these files with the DEVICE command. If you do, your system halts,
and you cannot restart MS-DOS. For information about loading COUNTRY.SYS,
see the <COUNTRY> command. For information about loading KEYBOARD.SYS, see
the <KEYB> command.

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