------------------ MS-DOS v6.22 Help: DRVSPACE /AUTOMOUNT ------------------
                            DRVSPACE /AUTOMOUNT
Modifes the AUTOMOUNT setting in the <DRVSPACE.INI> file. The AUTOMOUNT
setting enables or disables the automatic mounting of removable drives,
including floppy disk drives. By default, DriveSpace automatically mounts
all removable drives.
Note:  For this switch to take effect, you must restart your computer.
    Prevents DriveSpace from automatically mounting removable drives. Use
    this value to save memory.
    Directs DriveSpace to automatically mount all removable drives. This is
    the default setting.
    Directs DriveSpace to automatically mount specified removable drives.
    For example, to have DriveSpace automatically mount drives A, B, and G,
    you would type DRVSPACE /AUTOMOUNT=ABG at the command prompt.

                       DRVSPACE /AUTOMOUNT--Examples
If you have floppy drives A and B, and a Bernoulli removable drive D, the
following command enables automatic mounting of all these drives:
    drvspace /automount=1
Note:  Before a floppy drive actually mounts, you must insert the floppy
       disk in the drive, and then begin using the floppy disk.
If you just want to enable automatic mounting of floppy drives A and B, use
the following command:
    drvspace /automount=ab

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