----------------- MS-DOS v6.22 Help: DRVSPACE /DOUBLEGUARD -----------------
                           DRVSPACE /DOUBLEGUARD
Modifes the DOUBLEGUARD setting in the <DRVSPACE.INI> file. The DOUBLEGUARD
setting enables or disables DoubleGuard(tm) safety checking. When
DoubleGuard is enabled, DriveSpace will constantly check its memory for
damage by some other program. If it detects any memory damage, DriveSpace
will halt your computer to minimize damage to your data. By default,
DoubleGuard is enabled.
Note:  For this switch to take effect, you must restart your computer.
    Prevents DriveSpace from checking its memory for damage by other
    programs. Using this switch might speed up your system, but could result
    in loss of data if a program violates the memory DriveSpace is using.
    Directs DriveSpace to check its memory for damage by other programs.
    This is the default setting.

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