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                               DRVSPACE /LIST
Lists and briefly describes all your computer's drives (except network
drives and CD-ROM drives), and specfies whether DriveSpace's Automount and
DoubleGuard features are enabled or disabled.
You can use the DRVSPACE /LIST command while Windows is running.
    Directs DriveSpace to display a list of your computer's local
    (non-network) drives. This switch can be abbreviated to /LI.

                         DRVSPACE /LIST -- Example
The following command displays a list of your computer's drives (except
network drives and CD-ROM drives):
    drvspace /list
When you type this command, DriveSpace displays information similar to the
Drive  Type                        Total Free  Total Size  CVF Filename
-----  --------------------------  ----------  ----------  ---------------
  A    Removable-media drive       No disk in drive
  B    Compressed floppy disk         1.27 MB     1.27 MB  H:DRVSPACE.000
  C    Compressed hard drive         13.99 MB    96.49 MB  K:DRVSPACE.000
  D    Local hard drive               2.38 MB    39.98 MB
  E    Local hard drive              37.33 MB   201.94 MB
  F    Available for DriveSpace
  G    Available for DriveSpace
  H    Floppy drive                   0.00 MB     0.70 MB
  I    Available for DriveSpace
  J    Available for DriveSpace
  K    Local hard drive              12.52 MB    66.80 MB
DoubleGuard safety checking is enabled.
Automounting is enabled.

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