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Displays a list of all MS-DOS commands and gives a brief explanation of
each. The information that the FASTHELP command displays is similar to, but
less detailed than, the information found in MS-DOS Help.
    FASTHELP [command]
    [command] /?
    Specifies the name of the command about which you want information. If
    you do not specify a command name, the FASTHELP command lists and
    briefly describes every command provided with MS-DOS.
Related Command
For information about MS-DOS Help, see the <HELP> command.

You can use FASTHELP to get online Help for a command in two ways. You can
specify the name of the command on the FASTHELP command line, or you can
type the name of the command and the /? switch at the command prompt. For
example, you can type either of the following commands to get information
about the XCOPY command:
    fasthelp xcopy
    xcopy /?
The second command is slightly faster.

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