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Displays one screen of output at a time.
The MORE command reads standard input from a pipe or redirected file and
displays one screen of information at a time. This command is commonly used
to view long files.
    MORE < [drive:][path]filename
    command-name | MORE
    Specifies the location and name of a file that supplies data you want to
    Specifies the command that supplies data you want to display.
Related Commands
For information about displaying the contents of a directory, see the <DIR>
For information about displaying the contents of a file, see the <TYPE>

<Syntax> <Examples>
Sources of data
When using the redirection character (<), you must specify a filename as the
source. When using the pipe (|), you can use such commands as DIR, SORT, and
TYPE. Before using a pipe for redirection, you should set the TEMP
environment variable in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

<Syntax> <Notes>
Suppose you have a long file named CLIENTS.NEW that you want to view on your
screen. Either of the following two commands redirects the file through the
MORE command to begin displaying the contents of the file:
    more < clients.new
    type clients.new | more
The MORE command displays the first screen of information from CLIENTS.NEW
and then prompts you with the following message:
    -- More --
You can then press any key to see the next screen of information.

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